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Quality Control

Vulcan Industry Co,. Limited Quality Policy
  • To continually improve and produce
  • To produce the right quality
  • To in the right time
  • At the right time
  • For the right price
  • With the right people

Quality Certification

Vulcan Industry Co.,Limited with a long tradition of excellence: designs,engineer-ing,and manufactures value-added plastic moulding injection and Injection Molded products.This will be accomplished while maintaining the highest levels of quality,professionalism,and business ethics.
VulcanMold has long been certified to ISO 9001:9002.This registration covers the all the quality standards in Quality Management system for the design,and manufacture and assembly of Injection Molded products.Current Certificate is effective through january 11,2-12


Our objective is to provide our clients Best QCDS:

Supply BestQuality which exceedsour client's
need and expectation.

Proppose Best Cost Save plan to our
clients.Only clients win their marke,we will
win long terms cooperation with them.

Proppose Best Delivery Schedule&
inplement to insure our clients get
when they expected to get.


Propose Best Service.We have a professional international
project management team who works 16hours per day in 2shifts to
insure every project or clients question will get a fast and responsible reply within 3hours.

Quality measurement Equipments

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