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Clients References

Customer's satisfaction is the NO.1 goal in Vulcan Mold.We make every step in the cooperation process so as we gain the perfect quality in Vulcan Mold and we bring the best injection molder for injection mold china.



Clients are being satisfied and Vulcan Mold cares their injection mold china. We make every effort to help our clients to achieve their needs and thus we stand it as our first Principle. Vulcan Mold make good work and established long term partnership with all clients in worldwide.



The America Customer:

Mr. Joe came from America to talk about he plastic caps and his other projects. He made four orders this year and the total order amount is about one million dollars. He appreciates and recemmends us. He has seemed us as the golden supplier. He is our regular customrer and he often introduces us to many clients from USA.

The England Customer:

Mr. Kevin came from England. He has been satisfied with our plastic parts used for control the gate. Mr. Kevini is being satisfied with our china injection mould. This was the first time he visited our factory and we had built a mutual benefit relationship. When he went back to England, he made another order.


The Canada Customer:

These two customers came from Canada and they are checking the samples. Our sale manager was describing our plastic mold manufacturing process to them and taking their suggestions down. As they were said, our injection molded parts are perfect and they will bring their other two projects to us from Canada when they will return back.


The Australia Customer:

These customers came from Australia. They were talking with our engineers and sales manager about the injection mould manufacturing. They defined our factory was the best after they visited five suppliers from China. At lastly, they decided to choose us for supplying the big pastic parts to them. After a long-time cooperation, they have marked us as we are their golden supplier in China.

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